Bikeshare News: “DecoBike Day” declared by Miami Beach Mayor & City Commission


City of Miami Beach Mayor & Commissioners honor DecoBike

Today, the Mayor and City Commission announced and proclaimed that March 15th is officially “DecoBike Day.”  This date marks the anniversary of DecoBike Miami Beach’s rollout, and will be celebrated annually as the program pedals onward. The program is one of the country’s largest and most used bikeshare programs. It is also the first privately funded city-wide bikeshare operation.  Commissioners applauded the program’s success and the benefits that it provides for community and the environment.  The build-out of DecoBike Miami Beach is the nation’s most comprehensive with roughly 15 stations per square mile on average and it’s currently the busiest systemwith  more than 101,000 rides logged in the past month.

Success Story: DECOBIKE Miami Beach Bikeshare Turns 1-Year Old Today | Check out the Amazing Stats & Results!

DecoBike Miami Beach – South Beach celebrates its 1-Year Anniversary!

Some thought the idea was crazy. Others thought it would never work. Many doubted our residents would use it. But, in just one fast-paced year, DECOBIKE has pedaled to the forefront of the bike sharing world, changing an entire city for the better!   So far our program has achieved some cool and amazing results. Between March 15, 2011 and March 15, 2012, we have:

  • Journeyed more than 1,978,310 miles
  • Clocked 11,869,860 minutes of ride time
  • Helped our riders burn 74,186,625 calories
  • Logged a staggering 717,522 rides
  • Offset more than 1,899,178 pounds of harmful CO2 emissions
  • Created 30 new “green” jobs and careers
  • Won several national and regional awards
  • Improved the quality of life for all that live, work and play in Miami Beach

DECOBIKE would like to thank all of our members, patrons, friends, staff, supporters & friends at the City of Miami Beach for making this possible! Together, we have proven that bike sharing is a valuable asset for our community, which is now also stunning role model for other cities to follow.

Hertz On Demand Car Sharing teams up with successful DECOBIKE Bicycle Sharing Program

As an extension of The Hertz Corporation’s launch of Hertz On Demand in Miami Beach, Florida, Hertz On Demand & Decobike are proud to announce their partnership, which represents the greenest and easiest way to get around Miami Beach and the surrounding areas. Both programs encourage locals and visitors to use sustainable, innovative and convenient modes of transportation. 

Decobike members that sign up for Hertz On Demand car sharing service will receive $15 in driving credits upon enrollment. The promotion begins on March 1, 2012 and will continue through March 30, 2012.  Just use promo code “DECOBIKE” to take advantage of this perk at

Hertz on Demand, Hertz’s global car sharing club, and offers a variety of vehicles available for online reservation at competitive rates. All cars are equipped with Eileo® technology, and benefits covered by the hourly rate include gas, insurance, GPS turn-by-turn navigation, 24/7 roadside assistance, 24-hour Member Care Center communication, and 180 free miles per day. See the video from 3BL Media

Decobike is the Official City of Miami Beach Public Bicycle Sharing & Rental Program. More information on Decobike is available at 


DecoBike Expands its Bikeshare Operations into Surfside, Florida and Beyond

Decobike Expands Bikeshare operations to Surfside, Florida


DecoBike reached agreement with the exclusive enclave of Surfside, located  immediately north of the city of Miami Beach and its world-famous South Beach Art Deco District. The forward-thinking mayor and commissioners of Surfside witnessed the effectiveness and success of DecoBike’s programs, which yield very high daily usage rates– a true sign of bike sharing being utilized by the masses in the US. Currently the DecoBike Miami Beach program is logging a city-wide average of 5-6 rides per day for each bicycle in their entire fleet, making it the most utilized program in the country.

Expect to see DecoBike Sursfide in operation this Summer, 2012. DecoBike also launches another program this Summer along the shores of the City of Long Beach, located on New York’s Long Island.